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Gen-ai by Constellation

Improve feed-based inventory assets with generative AI imagery

Say goodbye to generic inventory feed imagery. Create customized cutting-edge visuals that are immediately appealing and attractive.

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A solution for in-transit vehicle inventory

Seamlessly transition your placeholder imagery to AI-created photographs. Vehicle content can be seamlessly composited into store branded background imagery.

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VIN-specific content, with your store branding

Provide a significantly more engaging and relevant experience for your customer.
In addition to composing content into store branded background imagery, GenAI also enhances lighting, reflecting, and shadow.

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Super-charged speed and scale

Rich, VIN-level content, created instantly for every vehicle in your inventory

The power and flexibility of this tailor made technology comes with the ability to cater to your priorities. 

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  • Get ahead of incoming inventory

    Start marketing your vehicle the moment that VIN is associated to your dealership.

  • Customize VIN-level content

    Customize high-quality images with your storefront, time of day and other effects.

Get your automotive inventory assets powered by generative AI

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