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Constellation is excited to partner with NCM Associates and bring you NCM Enhanced

NCM Enhanced puts you back in the driver seat, providing dealers with the information and tools needed to navigate the future of the automotive industry.

By pairing NCM’s industry credibility, consulting, and training services with Constellation’s advanced data science, AI, and visualization capabilities, we deliver empowering and actionable insights.

NCM Enhanced empowers dealers to proactively identify and capitalize on critical business opportunities.

AI-Powered insights

Through cutting-edge AI/ML technologies and contextual social listening, we deliver comprehensive insights that equip dealers with actionable intelligence across key areas such as sales and operations, marketing, reputation management, all the way down to the performance of individual sales agents and service representatives.

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Seize market opportunities with NCM Enhanced by:

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Drive business decisions

Making informed decisions driven by unfiltered consumer sentiment

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Competitor’s insights

Gaining novel insights into competitors’

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Inventory planning

Fine-tuning inventory planning based on dynamic
market trends and vehicle demand

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Understand your reputation

Identifying personnel who enhance your reputation
and those who are costing you business

Better understand what consumers care about

Leverage data-driven insights to optimize your business based on real consumer feedback.

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Ready to take advantage of AI to stay steps ahead from your competitors?

Partner with us and gain early access to industry-leading insights and intelligence.

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