Scaling & De-Risking Omnichannel Content in Regulated Industries

In today’s changing marketing landscape, industries like Automotive, Pharma, Insurance and Banking are facing a unique set of challenges when it comes to generating compliant content and creative at scale. The trend towards omnichannel marketing has brought both opportunities and obstacles. Traditional solutions have often proven to be too constraining, subjective, or manual, making it crucial for organizations in these sectors to explore innovative approaches. How can you rise to the challenge of advancing your personalized marketing strategy with innovative solutions where traditional solutions have fallen short?

The (Regulated Industry) Omnichannel Imperative

Omnichannel marketing is all about reaching customers through a seamless and consistent experience across channels. In the highly regulated realms, achieving compliance while maintaining a personalized, consistent presence across these channels is no small feat.

Challenges in Omnichannel Marketing for Regulated Industries

1. Constraining Channel-Specific Tools: One of the main challenges faced by these industries is the use of channel-specific tools. While these tools are great for their specific purposes, such as email marketing platform versioning/editing and dynamic creative optimization (DCO) in programmatic advertising, they often limit the adaptability of content for other channels. This leads to inconsistency in messaging and a disjointed customer experience.

2. Subjectivity and Risk: Creative content often requires a level of subjectivity, but in regulated industries, this can be a risky venture. Subjective content can easily lead to compliance breaches and legal consequences, creating a significant roadblock for creative marketing. Governance is hard to scale through manpower and manual effort.

3. Manual and Cost-Prohibitive Processes: The manual creation of content for various channels, especially when compliance is involved, is an arduous and expensive process. It consumes valuable time and resources, diverting them from more strategic marketing endeavors. It also introduces significant room for error.

The Constellation Solution

Constellation offers a transformative solution to address these challenges. We automate the complex in creating localized, personalized content in heavily regulated industries, and liberate creativity from what’s historically been a monotonous process of getting to market.

1. Unified Content Creation: Constellation’s platform allows for the creation of content that can be dynamically adjusted for various channels, all within a unified environment. This ensures consistency in messaging, branding, and compliance, while still offering room for creative expression.

2. Compliance and Risk Management: Constellation leverages advanced AI algorithms to ensure that creative content remains compliant with regulatory standards. This significantly reduces the risk associated with subjective content creation.

3. Automation for Efficiency: Constellation automates the process of content generation, reducing the need for manual intervention. This not only streamlines content creation but also makes it cost-effective, allowing organizations to scale their creative efforts efficiently.


For highly regulated industries, achieving compliance and scaling creative content for omnichannel marketing has been a complex undertaking. Traditional solutions, characterized by constraining channel-specific tools, subjectivity, and manual processes, have often fallen short of meeting these industries’ needs.

Our approach stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a unified platform that balances compliance, creativity, and efficiency. By automating content creation and ensuring compliance, Constellation empowers businesses in regulated industries to navigate the complexities of omnichannel marketing, delivering a consistent and personalized customer experience, while maintaining regulatory adherence.

If these challenges sound familiar to you, we’d love to help. Reach out to learn more.